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Erickson-Smith Funeral Home is proud to be the only funeral home in the area to offer Three Funeral Celebrants on Staff.


As our society evolves and individuals look for more personal ways to celebrate the life of those they love, our staff is proud to be the only funeral home in our area to offer this unique service. Recognizing that the needs of families we serve are not the same that they were years ago, our funeral home has invested heavily in the ability to provide a truly personalized experience for you and your family. (scroll down to view a sample of a celebrant service)

What is a Funeral Celebrant?

An In-Sight Institute Certified Celebrant is a person who has been trained and certified through the In-Sight Institute to meet the needs of families during their time of loss. A Funeral Celebrant serves by providing a funeral service, memorial service or tribute that is personalized and individualized to reflect the personality and life-style of the deceased after consultation with the family and loved ones and coordination with the funeral home.

The Celebrant will meet with the family to offer guidance and consulting while planning a personalized and meaningful funeral to honor the loved one. Whenever possible, the Celebrant will also have a Family Time for sharing of stories and memories. A Celebrant has a wide library of resources for readings, music and other special ceremonies to help the family design a service that honors the life.

How is a Celebrant Ceremony Unique?

Each ceremony is personal, reflecting the unique life story of your loved one and family. A Celebrant certified by the Celebrant Foundation & Institute will take the time to understand the honoree's beliefs, values, and what makes their funeral service meaningful.

In a Celebrant ceremony, the family is truly empowered to select rituals, readings, symbols and music to fulfill their ideals and vision for a service that reflects their loved one. Nothing is imposed on you or your family. Instead, in a collaborative process, the Celebrant takes the time to get to know your family and listens to your stories, making your service or ceremony truly unique.

Celebrant Services Include:

  • Arrangement of Family Meeting to plan a one-of-a-kind ceremony
  • Listen to stories and memories to learn your loved ones personal stories
  • Consult until the ceremony is just right
  • Facilitate a truly memorable ceremony to celebrate the life of your loved one
  • Provide a beautiful keepsake copy of the ceremony

Does a Celebrant Service need to be religious?

Not at all. A Funeral Celebrant values your beliefs and spirituality and is committed to designing a service or ceremony that meets the spiritual needs of you and your family. Many families who come to us still desire some religious element, such as a prayer or song, though we are able to creatively put together a service focusing on your loved one, no matter your belief system.

I Would Like More Information

We would be happy to talk with you further about the personalized services we provide. Please give us a call at (218) 685-4455, or e-mail us at eesmithfh@runestone.net.



*Licensed Funeral Director

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