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The Erickson Company originated in Evansville, Minnesota in 1921, owned and operated by Oscar Erickson. 

In April 1925, Oscar and Loren Erickson acquired the furniture and funeral service from John Sater in Elbow Lakes, and in 1946, Harlen O. Estenson joined the Company.

The Erickson Funeral Home was established in Hoffman in 1947 and in 1948, the present funeral home in Elbow Lake was completed. 

In 1952, Paul Erickson, a graduate of the University of Minnesota Mortuary Science Program, joined the Erickson Company.

Loren Erickson retired in 1963 at which time he sold the furniture store and funeral home to Harlen Estenson and Paul Anderson. Harlen Estenson and Paul Anderson sold the Erickson furniture store in 1974.

In 1976, E.T. Lowell Smith, a graduate of the University of Minnesota Mortuary Science Program, purchased Mr. Estenson’s interest in the funeral home and a partnership was formed between Lowell Smith and Paul A. Anderson. 

After thirty-one years of serving families in Elbow Lake, Hoffman and the surrounding area, Mr. Smith sold the Funeral Homes to Thomas Vertin, third-generation funeral director from Breckenridge, MN. This cooperative venture was aimed at continuing the Erickson-Smith tradition of personalized, professional service that you and your family have come to expect. Together, the staff and owners at the funeral homes promise to continue their caring tradition, today, and far into the future.


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